Steve Davies

Steve Davies is a photographer, graphic-designer, cartoonist and musician based in South Wales, UK.

He supplies stock-photography sites, local businesses and is available for portraits, band-shots, property-shots and events.

He has had his photography, design-work and cartoons published in magazines, national newspapers, books and websites worldwide, working extensively with advertising agencies and global features agencies.  

His artwork has also appeared on hundreds of greetings cards for several major international companies.

He has also appeared on TV, national radio and in books dedicated to British heavy rock of the early 80s.

Toured for many years in a rock band as a bass-player and song-writer until reluctantly admitting to himself that sleeping in vans next to stacks of guitar amplifiers was no longer an option.

Equally happy to be behind the bass or the lens

Equally happy to be behind the bass or the lens

You are invited to contact him regarding any photographic or design needs you may have.

Look forward to hearing from you.